Chipmonkey in Australia

Yes!  That’s right!  We’re posting another, um, post!

Never mind that, since the last one, Chipmonkey has been to Belize, Europe, Kenya, and a million places IN the USA, here’s what happened when he went to Australia!

Thanks Britt!


Taco and Mia are Party Animals!

I made a few new friends last week! My human (Chip) has a friend Taco, who is spending a year traveling around the country with his Human (Mia); you can keep track of their adventures on Taco’s blog. They were going through Las Vegas, and since I have some friends out there too I decided to have Chip fly us out there to meet them and have a few nights on the town; Angela even came out for a whirlwind 36 hours — just the right way to do Vegas!

Chipmonkey and Taco in the car with Mia driving
Chipmonkey and Taco
Chipmonkey, Angela, Taco, Chip, and Mia in Las Vegas
Viva Las Vegas!

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